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Writing a Reference or Making a Referral

We are blessed that our alumnae wish to be involved in the reference process. Writing a reference or making a referral is not required for membership in Tri Delta, however, both provide valuable information to help the collegiate chapter learn more about a potential new member (PNM), and are used by some chapters at their discretion.


Membership selection is ultimately the privilege and responsibility of each collegiate chapter. A reference form, referral, letter of recommendation or potential new member’s legacy or familial relationship status does not guarantee an invitation into membership.


To write a reference or to learn more about the process of submitting a reference or referral, please review the guidelines on Tri Delta’s national website.


Tri Delta Legacies


Tri Delta no longer officially recognizes legacies (daughters, sisters, step-daughters, or step-sisters of Tri Delta members) but does make note of the PNM’s familial relationship with Tri Delta, should one exist.


Please remember that each collegiate chapter handles legacies and familial relationships differently. We have no control over the collegiate chapters and their policies.

Events for Legacies and PNMs:

The Houston Alumnae Chapter hosts a party each year and includes area legacies. The Pine Party is held each year around the Christmas holidays and is held primarily in honor of current Tri Delta collegians and their mothers. High school junior and senior legacies and their mothers are also invited.


Houston Panhellenic hosts a Recruitment Roundtable each February for mothers and daughters to encourage participation in the recruitment and membership recruitment process, to educate prospective new members and to answer questions regarding the women's fraternity system. 

Reference Committee

Several alumnae have made themselves available to assist you with any questions you may have

(The only universities that have alumnae assigned to them for this recruitment year are UT, A&M, TCU and LSU. )

For more information, please contact

University of Texas at Austin

Rhonda Overbergen


Texas A&M University
Texas Christian University

Angela Igo


Louisiana State University

Tracy Taylor Christie


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