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Interest Groups

Houston Tri Delta's interest groups reflect the diversity of our members. We encourage you to be a part of one or more of the many interest groups. The smaller group setting offers a great opportunity to make connections with fellow members. 

For exact locations or addresses of hosting members, please sign into your Members Only account to access our digital membership directory.  Haven't yet joined the chapter? Join Today!

Golden Circle

The Golden Circle Interest Group includes members who were initiated into Tri Delta at least 50 years ago. Several social events are planned throughout the year so Golden and Diamond Circle Sisters can reconnect and relive those great days of old!


Each year on Founders’ Day we celebrate our new Diamond and Golden Circle Honorees with a special ceremony designed to renew a lifetime commitment to Tri Delta. 

Delta Diners + Drinks

Delta Diners + Drinks is the perfect group for women who like to try Houston's newest restaurants and bars. 

Calendar coming soon!

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Sisters Connect

Sisters Connect provides evening and daytime events to interested chapter members of all ages. This year we're back to in-person events and can't wait to share with you what's planned!

Join us for A Christmas Carol on Nov. 30. Reserve your spot today.

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Pine Needle Readers

The Pine Needle Readers meet at 10:00 AM on the third Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise noted), except in December. Come for the friendly conversation and discussion of the book for the month. 

Contact Chrissy Dunn at for more information.

Reading Between the Wines

Reading Between the Wines is an evening book club that originated in 2005. The group meets at 7:00 PM on the fourth Monday of every month. As reflected in the book club name, literary opinions as well as wine are shared! Email reminders are sent monthly. Please make plans to join us. We're a fun group! 

Contact Michele Lipscomb at for information.

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Tri Delta Bridge

The Tri Delta Bridge group is composed of Tri Deltas who love to play bridge and have become close doing so. We meet the first Wednesday of each month (except January) September through May at 10:00 AM in the homes of our members. We look forward to meeting new Tri Deltas who also enjoy bridge.

Contact Susan Huffman at for more information.​

Tri Delta Traders

Tri Delta Traders was started in December 1999. The investment club consists of Houston
Alumnae Chapter Tri Deltas interested in learning more about the stock market and
investing.  Membership is open to beginner or experienced investors. The group meets every month via Zoom or in a member's home.  
Topics discussed include: market trends; national, international, and geopolitical influences that drive the market; and strategic policies for stock selection. The club buys, sells, and monitors purchased stocks and looks at promising companies.  Each member is given
primary responsibility for monitoring specific stocks and reporting on their assigned stocks
monthly.  On a rotating basis, members provide presentations on new stocks for the group
to consider.  There is a buy-in and monthly dues. Membership in the Alumnae Chapter is


Contact Jean Janssen at for information.

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